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About Us: Lehman Law Firm

The Lehman Law Firm, as its slogan implies, prides itself on the experience and the skills of its founder and seasoned attorney-at-law, Jeffrey M. Lehman, gaining numerous clients in diverse practice areas. The firm has engendered an esteemed reputation over the past two decades in New Jersey real estate law. And, as in its other multiple practice areas, clients have come from all over with varying legal needs. In the real estate arena, for example, the law firm has represented buyers, sellers, developers, brokers, contractors, title companies, landlords and commercial tenants. This has encompassed literally hundreds of real estate closings throughout New Jersey, including commercial and residential clients.

Even with a diverse client base, residential real estate is clearly a specialty of Jeffrey Lehman and the Lehman Law Firm. Whether you are buying or selling a home or any property important to you, you want someone attuned to you and your needs. "My clients can be assured I'll be there to give them 100 percent attention," Lehman pledges.

But the major practice areas of the Lehman Law Firm are not restricted to real estate, claiming clients in both New Jersey and New York who have been represented in everything from civil litigation to commercial law. Virtually every kind of dispute or transaction that requires the expertise of an accomplished attorney may be accommodated at the Lehman Law Firm.

Quotation Mark

"Dealing with Jeff was the easiest part of our entire purchase and sale of our new place. At a time when there are a lot of stressful deadlines and things to take care of, Jeff calmly and professionally took us through everything without any issues. I would recommend him to anyone who wants everything done properly and shows understanding to your important needs and issues."

Jeremy Skillings, President, The SEO LLC

"I can always count on Jeff to make my needs his top priority and respond to me quickly. He is an expert who has a true appreciation for his clients. I highly recommend Jeff and his staff at The Lehman Law Firm."

Dee Rudko, CEO, AMRCON

Jeffrey Lehman

Jeffrey Lehman: Lawyer Profile

Attorney Jeffrey Lehman is experience personified, embarking on his third decade as a practicing attorney representing individuals, families and business professionals in New Jersey and New York. Jeffrey's experience is priceless indeed when you are faced with legal needs to resolve, whether you feel compelled to bring civil action for being wronged or require a cool-headed and capable legal advocate in your corner to assist in dissolving a business or negotiating with a creditor. In fact, Jeffrey's experience is evident on both sides of most issues in which you may seek representation. That means that his experience is a tremendous asset to his clients in representing both buyers and sellers in real estate matters, as well as in all aspects of contractual disputes.

Personal attention is what it is all about for Jeffrey Lehman. "Every client is handled as if he or she is the only client, whether it is a multi-million-dollar transaction or a retired couple buying a $75,000 condo in an adult community," he assures. His experience and expertise on real estate issues, residential and commercial, is a tremendous asset for his clients.

He understands the banking system intimately, having represented both lenders and applicants for commercial and personal loans. He is a seasoned counselor in corporate law, but he is also invaluable in assisting people with real-life issues, whether it is a building contractor facing a local ordinance barrier or a corporation with liability issues.

One of the keys to Jeffrey's success and ability to empower his clients across an impressive spectrum of legal matters in the real world is his own invaluable life experience. "I've done just about every job there is," he says of growing up and coming of age in a working-class neighborhood where he started collecting a wage with his first job at the age of 12, developing the work ethic in which he takes justifiable pride. He is a family man who worked his way through college and then, after collecting his degree, was out there earning a living for three years before making the decision to go to law school for what he came to realize was his true calling. Of course, he continued to combine work and study until he finally got to hang that hard-earned law degree on his wall, ultimately earning admission to the practice of law in New Jersey and New York.

Jeffrey, through his staff and offices in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties-notably, his main office in Woodbridge, as well as Marlboro and Wall- and an office in New York City, prides the Lehman Law Firm for its prompt and courteous service. "I deal directly with my clients," he says, "and my response time for prospective clients is unparalleled."